Guided Self-Drive Safari’s

Travelling through Africa…

Of all the types of travel that our world has to offer, overland safari’s in Africa are by far the most appealing, and without doubt, the most rewarding. Quite often people confuse this type of travel with “easy travel”, you shouldn’t as it’s not. Travelling through Africa takes courage, lots of time, even more patience and let’s not forget dedication.

Being well versed in travel is only a step in the right direction when it comes to travelling Africa, most only find this out when arriving here for the first time…AFRICA TICKS DIFFERENTLY! There is another saying used here in Africa, “AFRICA IS NOT FOR SISSY’S” it’s a tough place that boasts both beautiful and terrifying experiences alike.


What is a Guided Self-Drive Safari?

A guided self-drive safari is a journey led by an experienced team of people, who plan, book, and lead you through some of the most beautiful areas, often missed if unguided. As with travelling anywhere in the world, it’s often a lot more fun doing it with knowledgeable people who can provide information on local culture, nature, and in general the country you are visiting. Guided self-drive safari’s provide exactly that, an easy way to travel without the risk of missing out.

Guided self-drive safari’s are by far the easiest way to travel Africa, this style of safari allows you to sit back and enjoy the scenery around you without the hassle and worry planning your route, planning and booking your accommodation, worrying about food and even where to stock and restock your supplies and refuel your vehicle. These worries are no longer yours…


Why choose a Guided Self-Drive?

A guided self-drive safari is perfect for the traveller that seeks adventure but lacks awareness and experience of the area. All our safaris have some 4×4 and eco trails that will challenge you, however we do not do vehicle damaging routes, but that said will make use of the road less travelled. Our guided vehicles will communicate and brief you on a daily basis as well as be in radio contact at all times. We offer you the traveller our bush skills and passion for these remote areas and routes .

Guided Self-drive safaris are best suited for those travellers that want to explore more remote areas of Southern Africa and have the reassurance of a professional guide along with a backup system in place.