Self-Drive Safari’s

Booking a self-drive tour through Southern Africa can often be a confusing and complicated process, we specialize in planning and booking Self-drive Safari’s through Botswana and Namibia including the top destinations so you don’t miss out.

The option of a Self-Drive holiday in Botswana and Namibia allows you to take your time and enjoy everything these countries have to offer in your own timeframe. The most popular form of a Self-Drive Safari is to hire your own 4×4 vehicle from South Africa, Botswana or Namibia and explore the countries on your own and unassisted missing nothing these countries have to offer.

Road conditions in these countries change with the seasons and can often not be predicted prior to your trip. An essential part of planning your Self-Drive Safari is to become knowledgeable in 4×4 and 4WD driving in tough conditions, these include mud, thick sand, river crossings and rocky terrain just to name but a few. Another valued skill is being able to change and repair tyres on the go. We recommend a good confidence level in all of these fields before attempting a Self-Drive in these countries, possibly even doing to 4×4 training and recovery course on these techniques prior to your arrival.

If you find yourself wanting to explore these beautiful countries in such a manner but are not sure of the best route options to follow we take the stress right out of your hands. Route planning and bookings are essential in the National Parks as well as in the high seasons as camps fill up extremely quickly and often leave travellers short of destinations they would have loved to visit.

My Life in Africa can plan your route and itinerary for you as well as do all of your bookings before you even land in Africa for your dream Safari. We book directly with the relevant companies running the relevant camps and have over many years established solid relationships within them in order to make the booking process and dream itineraries turn from possibility to reality.

If you would like us to pre-plan, pre-book your dream Safari for you please send us and email to enquire!

We can also help with vehicle hire from reputable companies who have fully maintained vehicles as well as road side assitance…